Corona virus under microscope

How Did Web Design Survive COVID19?

Ever since the onset of COVID19, the perspective of quality jobs and decent work has entirely changed. This transition has created many...

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Smartphone with five star icon

How to keep your site’s rankings?

Websites have now digitalized the business world. The whole world depends upon websites or online sites to earn money and educate themselves...

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Businessman hand draw graph on screen

How can a piece of software help your business?

Software is a crucial and essential part of our lives. A software can help grow your business and resolve IT-related problems as well...

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Young female work on laptop

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have Hired a Copywriter Yesterday

Succeeding as a freelancer or an entrepreneur in today’s world is not easy as it seems. With hundreds of freelancers, business owners...

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Woman writing email

How to write a High-Converting Email Newsletter

Using email newsletters can be a fantastic way to boost sales and increase your conversion rates. It efficiently lets your audience...

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Businessman hand choose red block with franchise icon

Thinking of opening a franchise? Here's what to know

Do you have any idea that which country in the world has the most popular franchise system? Well, Germany is on the top of the list...

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Young girl using laptop

5 Actionable Tips on How to Become a Successful Blogger

Blogging has now become a trend. Many people are successful bloggers, and some want to become one. To become a successful blogger, you do not have to...

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Man holding document

Can Bad Backlinks Hurt Your Site?

Backlinks are known as the links that direct users to your website or webpage from numerous sources. These sources can include blog posts...

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Woman looking sideways

6 Tricky Client Questions You Need Answers to

A client can usually ask a ton of questions - but some of them you need to know. You need to know the overall thinking perspective of clients and answer...

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Restaurant manager is giving work instructions waitresses

Top Restaurant Management Tips from Accomplished Professionals

One of the most crucial restaurant assets is a good manager, as the manager can lead the restaurant on the road to success. Apart from the profession...

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URL on wooden cubes

How To Recognize a Repurposed Domain: A Checklist

Do you own a trademark that someone else is holding as a domain name until you have paid for that? Then you can be a cybersquatting victim...

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Man holding tablet

Digital Marketing in 2021 – What Can We Expect

There is no doubt that 2020 was one crazy year. The impact that pandemic had on the world struck almost every aspect of society...

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Google on red wall

Google’s Floc – A Step Towards Internet Discrimination or Not?

Back in the early March of 2021, Google announced that they would stop using third-party cookies for tracking and collecting surfing habits...

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Woman with magnifying glass

What Common Mistakes Prevent Your Pages From Indexing?

Ever been wondering why you're losing traffic? Like something is preventing Google from accessing fully to your website? Google doesn't index...

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Checking analytics

Is Bounce Rate Affecting Your Website?

Imagine this situation… Someone visits your website and immediately leaves. He took some time, less than a few seconds actually, to shuffle...

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Food delivery

What are the Essential Elements of a Great Food Delivery App?

It is a widely known fact that mobile technology has become a huge part of the retail industry in the past few years. Nowadays, they are...

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Online Shopping

E-commerce Fraud - How to Protect My Store?

Recently finished holiday shopping season has pointed out a dramatic change in customer behavior that caught the attention of retailers....

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Woman Writes a Blog

Does My E-commerce Website Really Needs a Blog?

An interesting question for the blog title, isn´t it? "Why am I required to have a blog page?" "Is it really that important?" I run a small/medium e-commerce...

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2021 what's new?

Chiliart New Year's Resolutions

As this year is slowly coming to an end, it is a perfect time for every one of us to reflect on our professional ups and downs we had throughout 2020...

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Web Design Strategy

2020 Web Design Trends That Plan on Staying in 2021

A chaotic 2020 is slowly coming to an end. What used to be unimaginable to people around the world pretty much became an acceptable circumstance in their daily life...

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Reviews and Marketing

Importance of Reviews in Digital Marketing – Turning Bad Reviews Into Your Benefit

The market has become one giant digital store, and that is a fact. People do online shopping using various channels...

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Marketing Strategy

Choosing the Best Website Development and Marketing Agency for My Business

It's no secret that the evolution and expansion of the internet have changed modern-day businesses' foundation. Online presence has evolved...

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TiM featured image

TiM - All You Need From an App

Owning a restaurant can sometimes be a tough job. One might think that restaurant owners are living a dream. But it's far from that...

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Responsive web design

The Evolution of Responsive Web Design

A lot of today’s internet users can hardly even imagine how websites used to look. Back in the days, websites were pretty straightforward...

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Single or Multi-Page

Single-Page or Multi-Page Website: What is the Right Choice for Me?

Choosing the right design for your new website is always a tricky thing. Eventually, it’s what often turns your visitor into your customer...

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Question mark on Wooden Cube

Questions You Need to Ask Your Client Before Starting a New Projects

Any web designer or developer that lands a new job is immediately hit by a small dose of adrenaline rush. It’s an exciting time...

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Wordpress Concept

Why Wordpress is the Best CMS for Your Business

For a long time now, there’s an ongoing battle in a developer’s community, which is the right, better, and more effective...

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Contact icons on the keyboard

5 Best Tools For Customer Engagement

Before this pandemic state that the world is currently in, lots of things were taken for granted. A plumber asks you...

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Businessman is touching market share icon on world map screen

Are We Witnessing a Digital Marketing Evolution?

The consequences of this ongoing pandemic are visible everywhere we look. Lockdowns around the world are causing...

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Man holding a paper bag with food

Luxury Restaurants’ Home Delivery - Why Don't you Have an App?

In the days of limited movement and quarantine, you can wine and dine – but only if your favorite top-restaurant has an app...

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A woman with a mask on her face holds a cart

E-commerce Store Was Probably a Good Solution for Me?

This pandemic won't last forever but has taught us one thing - every business owner has to realize the importance of having an online store...

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Facebook Login Page

“Off-Facebook Activity” tool - Winning the data protection battle or not?

Facebook will probably never renounce its grasp over your private data, but now, there’s a way to see who's feeding them data...

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Remove excess plugins

Reducing CO2 Emissions and the Web

We wrote about Danny van Kooten’s effort to reduce CO2 emissions just by doing his job as a programmer. How’s that even possible...

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Waiters serve table

Attracting More Customers to Your Restaurant - Tips and Tricks

So, you own a restaurant. So far you did everything by the book. You offer a good service, a variety of meals...

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Web page design planning

Why Do You Need a Fresh Content on Your Website?

Without a doubt, a website’s content is probably the most important part of any website. Content is probably...

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Woman searching browsing internet

Search Intent and how to optimize your content for it

Have you ever asked yourself what were you really searching for when you enter a search term in Google? And how did Google...

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Seo search engine optimization paper notes with inscriptions

Restaurant SEO Tips or how to improve your visibility on the Internet

You own a restaurant and would like to boost your Google search visibility? It is important to improve your search engine optimization...

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Privacy Data Protection

No more pre-checked cookie consent forms

The majority of websites will need to be redesigned due to the European ruling that bans pre-ticked cookie consent forms under GDPR...

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Error 404, written on paper

Is there a 404 Threat To My Business?

Having a well-designed, structured, user-friendly website that ranks among first if not the first on search engines has become a necessity. It is "a must" in today's modern business...

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Business analysis concept

When Google’s Quality Standards Meet Your Business

When running almost any business online, you are always worried about the quality of your content, your offer, and how does it impact the overall ranking of your business...

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Stairs to the top

What goes beyond website design?

What if we tell you that developing the right online solution and website design that is right for your business gets you only to the start of the game? The story continues with...

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Online shopping

E-commerce Websites Prices in 2019

When building an online business or starting any other investment, it is very important to know every possible expense. So, knowing how much your eCommerce website is going to cost...

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Businessman points his finger at the graph

Attachment to success - SME and Innovations

In business, as in life, we easily start to believe we’re right on spot and have something that other businesses don’t. But, when something disrupts our illusion of control...

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Businessman touching flying email icon with his finger

How to Benefit from Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and AI is usually connected to Google or Amazon, as they successfully utilized these innovations into their platforms. These solutions include vast volumes...

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Diverse people thinking planning marketing brand concept

Offline Outreach Can Boost Your Business

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you were probably more focused on getting your products in front of future customers and creating leads, instead of creating or supporting...

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Web designers working on a website design

Web design trends of 2019

Well, we are already halfway through 2019 and it was (and still is) quite a ride! Designers, entrepreneurs, marketers – they all have a specific stand of the constant flux of changes...

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Business team, meeting connection, digital technology concept

Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Digital marketing offers different successful solutions for your business! Website design gets you only to the starting point. After that, you are getting the chance through digital marketing...

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