2020 Web Design Trends That Plan on Staying in 2021

2020 Web Design Trends That Plan on Staying in 2021

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A chaotic 2020 is slowly coming to an end. What used to be unimaginable to people around the world pretty much became an acceptable circumstance in their daily life. But we don’t want to go there. Our plan has always been – “Hey, this thing is real, it’s happening, and it’s affecting us all. But we need to find the way to operate nevertheless”. And it is precisely the idea that always guided us when we wrote a new blog. Why don’t you implement e-commerce? Do you need to implement take outs or a third party delivery system into your restaurant business?

These were all our ways of helping owners to survive in these challenging times.

On the other hand, the web design area also suffered many changes in the first few weeks of 2020. Many thought, at first, that it is just a passing phase. What no one expected was that these new ideas, implementations, and trends would catch on. But no one could predicted what was about to happen! And then the lockdowns began. The “conventional” web was suddenly swarmed with millions and millions of new users with their, until that moment, unknown internet habits. The result was shocking. What used to be considered a “madman’s idea of a new caprice” was accepted by the users in a massive way!

So, without further delay, let’s review some of the trends that appeared in 2020, but we definitely plan on staying in 2021!

Standard Less Approach

The chaotic nature and pure coincidence of visual elements will definitely be reflected from the outside world to websites. For example, standard less set up of your website’s building blocks can and definitely will improve your visitor’s appetite for your brand, goods, or services.

Geometrical Propper Shapes

The use of geometrically proper shapes is not new in web design. It goes back to maybe 2016. What it produces is a way friendlier approach to your web pages. And a friendly approach is something that everyone needs in these challenging times to improve your website’s visitors numbers.

Cinemographs Are No Longer “just a Thing”

Often misplaced for Gifs, cinemographs are a new trending thing when it comes to web design. Basically, it’s combined static images with one dynamic effect. It produces a different than usual experience for a website’s visitor. The Digital Marketing community thinks that it’s something that will revolutionize online marketing! It came quietly but plans on staying for a long time!

Photos of People

People are becoming the leading figures in ads produced by brands. In that subconscious fact, people want to interact with other people, socialize, and see how others accept one particular product or service. The effect grows even more prominent when everyone is forced to minimize their social interactions. Marketing campaigns that put humans in the center are causing a lot more emotions with it.

Simplicity of Design

This is, by far, not a new trend; we all know it. But in these hard times, people seek a safe refuge. The simplicity of design, minimalistic yet sophisticated color pallet, and exciting fonts, etc. These are all just small things one has to consider to have good website reviews and visits.

So there you go, people. We tried to narrow down the top few quirks that will stick in the upcoming 2021 regarding web design. But then again, who knows what we can expect. One of the many reasons you should continue to follow our blog!

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year