E-commerce Store Was Probably a Good Solution for Me?

E-commerce Store Was Probably a Good Solution for Me?

A woman with a mask on her face holds a cart

The pandemic effects of COVID-19 are growing as we speak. Who would have imagined that a "simple virus" that showed up back in December in China would overcome borders, states, continents, and put the majority of the population in social isolation? People are afraid, but people also need to live. They want to get on with their lives. And they might still need some essential things that businesses are selling or the services they are offering.

We don't want to talk about Coronavirus in more detail. There are scientists, epidemiologists, and other officials whom we should all listen to. But, it's worth acknowledging that e-commerce has been here before. Alibaba and, both grew significantly through the SARS crisis in 2002 and 2003. Now, coincidence or not?!

One thing is similar to every country that proclaimed epidemic. And it’s panic-buying. After a brief period of panic-buying comes the period in which people are starting to understand "social distance" orders, so more people are going online to purchase groceries and other items. So what about your business, how’s it going?

Where Does Your Business Fit In?

Let's say you own a beautiful restaurant. On ordinary occasions, it is always crowded. But there are no more customers, they're home in isolation. Wouldn't it be great if you could deliver your fantastic food to them? Maybe you're offering a superb product down your store. Can people still buy the product? No, they can't, because you don't sell online.

Food DeliveryThis pandemic won't last forever, at least we hope so. But bad as it is, every business owner has to realize the meaning of its online presence. If you want to have a successful business, if you're going to keep your customers happy, you have to provide them what they want, even in times of crisis.

But let's make one thing clear. You won't get extremely rich in these times. What we're saying here is better to have at least your business running then to close it. The assumption that Coronavirus, social distancing, and staying home will boost e-commerce is widely held amongst many. However, early findings suggest that the reality is, and will be somewhat more complicated.

For example, food delivery services, drugstores, and pharmacies are having a noticed rise in their online distribution. Streaming services, remote meeting providers, and social networks also benefit from the shutdown. But not all benefit from it. For example, an online fashion retail business is suffering.

Get One Step Ahead

One thing is sure. Your customer's habits are, as we mentioned, evolving. You have to keep up with the process. A market is already going through monumental changes. It will most likely devour those who are not prepared to change. Don't be one of them. Embrace the changes and adapt. Make some adjustments in your online strategy: start with some good discount or dive deeper into your local community. Offer some sort of help, engage more on social networks, and be proactive... Only this way, you'll be able to supply your customers with an exquisite experience for many years to come.