Importance of Reviews in Digital Marketing – Turning Bad Reviews Into Your Benefit

Importance of Reviews in Digital Marketing – Turning Bad Reviews Into Your Benefit

Reviews and Marketing

The market has become one giant digital store, and that is a fact. People do online shopping using various channels, whether its web shops, e-commerce platforms, using a direct approach through social media networks, etc. However, people are cautious. Not being able to see with their own eyes what they are paying for before they get the delivery, they tend to rely on other people’s experiences with thist platform or that particular seller. That is why it’s essential to have good reviews from your customers, which in most cases is going to be a direct result of your professionalism, honesty, and fair dealership.

No matter if you post some fancy pictures of, let’s say, rooms in your hotel or motel. If most of your former guests rate it terribly and add some bad reviews, it is almost sure that you won’t be having a new guest. That is why it’s crucial to provide adequate services that will eventually lead to good reviews, making your room renting business alluring to new customers.

Reviews and Marketing

Reviews about products and services have become a mirror of any business and an important marketing tool and asset. However, do have in mind that they are a double-edged sword Good ones are beneficial, but bad ones can give a nasty wound to your business.

One of the most important jobs you have to do is always reply to reviews whether they are good or bad ones. Responding to good ones is easy – “Thank you, glad you liked it, we appreciate your review...” This is just one of the standard replies. However, dealing with bad ones is more challenging, especially if we consider their impact on the equation. In most cases, bad reviews will be associated with some aspect of your customer’s bad experience with you. In some cases, it can be a direct malicious intention even though the service you provided was top notch.

How to deal with unsatisfied customers?

The need to communicate with an unsatisfied customer is even more significant. Ask him what went wrong, offer him a way to compensate for his bad experience. Show him and everyone else that this was probably an isolated incident, but that you are dealing with it professionally.

You also need to realize that critics can be justified. People’s habits change; they evolve. Your business should follow along. Maybe the rooms you’re renting were dirty. Perhaps the product didn’t fit the description or delivery was, in fact, late. A bad review doesn’t necessarily have to mean that someone is trying to sabotage your business. Take the time to reevaluate it, and improve if needed.

Use it to improve your services!

Only then will you be able to use it to your advantage. Only then you will achieve to turn a bad thing into your benefit, and last but not least, only then you will accomplish your prime goal – more and more satisfied customers and consequently a rise in profit.