TiM - All You Need From an App

TiM - All You Need From an App

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Owning a restaurant can sometimes be a tough job. One might think that restaurant owners are living a dream. But it's far from that. They need to continually make sure the service is good, that the variety of meals is present, and most but not least that guests are fully satisfied. They struggle in a never-ending battle to set up their restaurants as a "must visit" place. Can someone help them in that task?

On the other hand, we have guests. What they want is a place outside their home that they can call home. It's where they can treat themselves with a favorite dish and try new cuisine. They also need a place where they could live out some unique experiences that they will remember throughout their lives. But again, can someone help them in that?

Let's take the city of Munich, for example. The town has been well known for its excellent and cozy restaurants. For most people, with no exaggeration, the city has carved out a place for itself among the world's top foodie destinations. The diversity of food it offers, an incredible range of food from liver cheese roll on the street to a breathtaking meal in some of the city's finest restaurants, gave this city a well-deserved place on the map.

One might ask then, "well, wouldn't be ideal if there was a way to connect both wishes and desires of restaurant owners and guests, combine them, and make them available in just one click of a mouse?". Yes, it would. And that's exactly what TiM offers! Which is why we choose to do a little review of the app for you.

What is TiM?

People in the RestaurantTiM or "Tische in München" is a highly sophisticated restaurant reservation system. It provides an enormous amount of help, particularly to restaurant owners. Everything they need to know about their restaurant's growth – from filling their seats to their guest's preferences and dining history, everything is wrapped in just one website.

An easy-to-use solution for restaurants of all shapes and sizes, the software is a perfect tool for supercharging restaurant management and boosting guests' dining experience.

By offering a 24/7 online table reservation via the website, restaurant owners who decide to enroll in this journey will have the capacity to reach every guest in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Why TiM?

Another important thing that separates TIM from other similar apps is their care for the environment. Their ecological approach can be considered radical, but in a good way. They plan to invest their earnings in regional and local green projects, thus creating a sustainable base for continuous growth. Pretty neat, we would say!

At the very end, the ongoing spread of Covid-19 and its pandemic consequences force both guests and owners to adapt their behavior. TiM offers a huge help. With its highest data security standards, TiM offers guest information about booked tables, the digital reservation book, and digital guest list with COVID 19 compliant tracking.


COVID 19 troubles were just an accelerator of a technological advance in the world of restaurants. People are living fast; they are always on the go. But, they also crave for a fine meal and an excellent service. It is a small oasis in their over-busy schedules. These apps, like TiM, offer an efficient and reliable service to all fine dining lovers.

It is also a new business opportunity for restaurant owners. These apps offer valuable insights about guests’ behavior, how often they visit, their average spend, etc. So, the restaurant owners and managers can plan and execute more thoroughly and customize offers according to their wishes. This is an exact win-win situation for both – and a bond that will continue to grow in the years ahead.