Web design trends of 2019

Web design trends of 2019

Web designers working on a website design

Well, we are already halfway through 2019 and it was (and still is) quite a ride! Designers, entrepreneurs, marketers – they all have a specific stand of the constant flux of changes in the digital marketing area. And that stand is something in between “please, just make it work” and, “aww, how cute is this new layout”.

We admit it; we LOVE changes and love making our clients happy. And sometimes, it is hard to remain on the safe side, making solid money and looking at some new hot trend passing you by. We feel obliged to look around, test and learn in order to present it to our future clients.

What do we have here?

So many homepages are practically filled out with a splash of high-quality photos holding out the most of the above-the-fold space. That was a cool challenge back in the days, but now, many designers are opting for different solutions.

A lot of illustrated images with a catchy story behind are making quite a move on the market. They are colorful, friendly and warm, and people love them! Because they are so customizable and can be edited in all sizes and shapes, the designers embraced them easily. This is also a great chance for all brands to reinvent their design solutions and develop some new marketing solutions. So, who knew back in the days that the 3D would be the old new?

Adding new life to graphic design

Talking about the new trends in web design must come with a new way of adding a breath of new life to graphics, removing boundaries between the real and online world. Now, people can manipulate digital elements like graphs and icons, interacting with the brand and its online digital solutions. Isn’t that amazing?

Creative web designer planning a website layoutMicrointeractions are a new and innovative way for improving user experience, getting more and more room on many websites. Designers are now playing easily with colors, notification popups, music tones, and signals, leading to a new level of user’s interactions. Adding a bit of an effective copy on top of it could lead to a lot of smooth and successful user interactions.

The expression is the king!

Crazy and effective animations filled with flashing colors and a right message – bring it on! It’s like Madonna revisited, express yourself in a way that everyone gets it, whether it’s your service, your message, strategy or something else.

The design doesn’t have to be for everyone’s eye all the time. Just remember the audience you are addressing - it’s important to know who you are working it for. If they like your expressions and can relate to them, you are on the winning game.

Taking a step further and adding a touch of humour and playfulness we find mini-games, a resource used to make waiting times more pleasant for the user while the content is loading, whilst at the same time showing the skills of the designer or developer and their intention to establish a close and entertaining connection with the user.

Everything changes

The time of simple HTML tables and flash layouts is over, and some might say that even responsive design is passé. And you will say wait, what? Just imagine something natural, deep, and essential. Would you like your design to be like that?

Flexible or fixed images and layout, fluid columns and rows, you name it. If it meets your demands, if it offers a good way to express or showcase your point, just do it. And while you’re at it, it is not bad to consider variable fonts. It is the option when one font file contains multiple variations of the typeface. By getting the best of these variations, the designer could animate style’s transitions and make it interactive. Even paragraphs could become more fun these days – with all the style changes, hovers and emojis implemented.

So, our fellow web and graphic designers were quite busy so far. No doubt that this was just the beginning. They operate in an ever-changing industry, where pushing boundaries is a must. In that case, it’s better to be unconventional, original and flexible. So, no more “it has always been done that way”, please!