FCC Energy logo

“Waste is only waste if we waste it.”Will.I.Am

We're saving 28.41 kg of CO2 per year
With over 35 years of know-how

About our client

FCC Energy is a comprehensive and sustainable initiative of Dr. Leonhard Fechter to support emerging regions in terms of waste management. FCC Energy enables waste disposal and energy production exactly where the waste is being accrued.

What distinguishes FCC from other competitors?

  • Tailor-made solution
  • German Engineering
  • Over 35 years of know-how
  • Operation and maintenance


Driven with the desire of showing our client’s idea in an interesting way, first, we came up with the logo they had in mind. They loved it! It was a perfect mix of our professionalism and innovation with our client’s desire.

Business card

Guided by our client’s enthusiasm we simply couldn’t stop there. Designing the perfect business card was a logical next step.


Everything led to our most important task. Designing and creating a perfect website for our client’s company. And we certainly didn’t fail. A modern, somewhat minimalistic design, based mostly on eye relaxing green color, perfectly summed our client’s needs.

The website reflects the client’s business motto – efficiency, but in a sustainable manner.


But, wait a minute, that’s not all! We also animated a video that explains the entire FCC production process but in a fun, relaxing, and engaging way. It is an excellent guide for all the municipalities and other potential clients and a kind of business presentation that is currently on the rise. Well, who wouldn’t want everything figured out in less than 2 minutes!