Why Wordpress is the Best CMS for Your Business

Why Wordpress is the Best CMS for Your Business

Wordpress Concept

For a long time now, there’s an ongoing battle in a developer’s community, which is the right, better, and more effective way of creating a website – Using old HTML/CSS method or CMS (Content Management System). The battle even got its name – The clash of Titans. Many “old school” coders will laugh at the very mention of CMS. However, it seems like they intentionally put aside all the benefits CMSs offers.

As for the matter itself, explicitly, we don’t want to take any side, de gustibus non est disputandum as Romans would say. But, if you reread the title of this text, you could quickly determine our choice.

Even if someone is a CMS type of person, a new question emerges. How to choose the right CMS?! Common CMS platforms on the market include Tumblr, WordPress, Joomla, Wix, and Drupal. Are they different? Which one is better and which one is the best? But this time we will pick sides, it’s Wordpress!

Practically anyone who has watched at least 3 videos on YouTube has been interrupted by a, let’s say one Wix commercial. Even themselves start their ads with a sentence, “I know what you’re thinking, another Wix ad...” On the other hand, how many WP ads have you seen? Practically none. WordPress is the top-ranking CMS today and powers an impressive 28% of the web (and growing). 60% of all websites with a content management system (CMS) are built on WordPress. So how’s it possible that WP has such a dominant position amongst the CMS platforms. The answer is simple – pure quality. Its quality is its prime ad!

Through the Eyes of Small Business Owners:

Surviving today’s stiff business challenges can be tough. Especially for a majority of business managers and entrepreneurs, it is quite daunting to take care of a business website (as it requires regular optimization) on top of your daily duties. This is where WordPress comes in. Entrepreneurs will be not only able to manage their websites but also have complete freedom to enhance the look and feel of the interface without the need to hire a separate developer.

A man working on laptopOne of the prime concerns for every business startup, especially in these tricky times, with expected devastating effects of the pandemic on the world economy, is the security of investment. No one wants to spend half of the planned budget on a website. “So how much money I need to make a WP website?” Well, NONE! WordPress is completely free. You can download it for free, install it on your website, or a local sandbox environment with ease, and then do whatever you want with it. Being the owner of a small business, you’re likely looking to set up your business site with a low upfront cost. WordPress has emerged as a boon for small businesses as it saves money and time as well.

Let’s dig into some of the other reasons why WordPress is great for small business enterprises. An easy and quick setup is one of them. The combination of free and easy install, a cheap hosting plan, and voila – in a few moments, you can have a website for your business!

What About the No-techies?

WordPress is also created in such a way that all technical and non-technical people can take advantage of it. It is what makes it highly demanding all over the globe. It is quite interactive and user-friendly, which allows users to easily create web pages, menus, posts, forms, and even let them manage media like videos and images with ease & convenience.

WP & SEOIt’s an Open Source Development Platform. Even if this doesn’t say a lot to an everyday user, it basically means that anyone can download and use the code available in the WordPress Codex to add functionality to their website. That being said, ordinary users will probably hire a WordPress developer. It is one of the reasons why they have a large online support community. WordPress is a powerful online web development platform for a large population of users. Due to the millions of active users, a skilled team of developers, a broad community, and discussion forums, anyone can find the solution for their problems.

One of the also important aspects of websites developed on WordPress is that they are by default SEO optimized as the structure it follows is already acknowledged by the search engines. Also, there are tons of great plugins to help you further optimize your on-site SEO for better ranking. Speaking of plugins, there are thousands of pre-developed plugins stored in the WordPress plugin directory and even more premium plugins available from marketplaces. Plugins are generally easy to use and install, plus they help to add additional functionality to your website.


We could go on and on about the pros that WP offers. We understand that for any small or startup business, looking to establish a strong web presence can be tough. It can be a severe issue since having a significant online presence can come with costs, time, and effort which they can’t afford. So the natural and obvious solution to all these concerns is WordPress. Just grab it to develop your business website.

However, do have in mind that if you are not particularly grounded in the technicalities of WordPress or building any website, but you need your site up and running, you should hire a WordPress developer. That way, you can be sure that you will get all the technical support you need.