Luxury Restaurants’ Home Delivery - Why Don't you Have an App?

Luxury Restaurants’ Home Delivery - Why Don't you Have an App?

Man holding a paper bag with food

The city of Munich has been well known for its amazing restaurants. For most people, with no exaggeration, the city has carved out a place for itself among the world’s top foodie destinations. The diversity of food it offers, an incredible range of food from sausage on a street to a breathtaking meal in some of the city’s finest restaurants, gave this city a well-deserved place on the map. Whether it’s football fans, tourists, business people or “cream de la cream” part of the society, there’s a place for everyone, and they can all find a spot to enjoy their meal.

But what would happen if suddenly that possibility would just seize to exist? Like in these days, when almost everything just stops?! A situation when owners of Munich’s finest restaurants are looking at empty tables, wondering what happened?

Well, sadly, that image became our reality, and it’s happening as we speak. The outburst of a new virus and its pandemic consequences forced the majority of states to implement drastic measures such as curfews, limited movements, quarantines and much more. They are trying to slow down the spreading of the disease. Germany and Munich as one of Germany’s biggest cities is not an exception!

But one may ask, “Do I need to give up on something that I like and that I’m accustomed to? I want Glöckl Platter from Bratwurst Glöckl on Mondays and a specialty of the day from Boettner’s on Thursdays… I will obey any restrictions, I will stay home… But can I please enjoy this indoor time with my favorite food?! Especially since food delivery hasn’t been banned?”

The Importance of Having an App

Well, of course, you can. But does your favorite restaurant offer food delivery anyway?

Man showing smartphone near woman with glasses wineCustomer demands are evolving. Restaurant owners simply have to keep up with this trend. Fine dining in a luxury restaurant is about so much more than how the food tastes - it’s about the combined experience of the service, ambiance, view, and presentation of the food. Through delivery, fine dining establishments lose the ability to control most aspects of the customer experience.

By all means, if you established your restaurant as a brand that offers that type of experience, stick with it. Don’t change it, upgrade it! Implementing the delivery option can bring so much new. Research on the matter shows a few crucial pros of delivery mechanisms. These include increased check sizes, more business opportunities and most importantly, exposure to new customers.

A Change is Gonna Come

Needless to say, changes like this require good thinking and brainstorming. The food delivery system, just like any other thing, is not universal and isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Consider your venue, location, and customers before determining whether or not to offer delivery. If a big part of the experience at your restaurant is the ambiance or plating, that royalty feeling customers are experiencing when visiting your restaurant, you risk losing this important aspect of your brand. Spend some time talking to your current customers to see if they would use it. Would they visit your restaurant more or less often if delivery was an option? Would they dine-in less and order delivery more? Think about the new customers you could reach by offering food delivery. Especially when considering a third-party site! But we simply have to point - a lot of businesses are abandoning third-party sites and developing their apps.

Never Miss the Chance to Grow

Let us make one thing clear. The fear and danger of this pandemic are imminent and real. But, like many times before, one day, all of this will be over. Thinking what will happen after? Will this forced social isolation leave a mark on people? Will they yearn for crowded spaces or will they keep on enjoying within the comfort of their homes?

One thing is certain. Your customer’s habits are, as we mentioned, evolving. You simply have to keep up with the process. A market is already going through monumental changes. It will most likely devour those who are not prepared to change. Don’t be one of them - embrace the change and adapt. This way you’ll be able to supply your customers with an exquisite experience for many years to come.