What are the Essential Elements of a Great Food Delivery App?

What are the Essential Elements of a Great Food Delivery App?

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It is a widely known fact that mobile technology has become a huge part of the retail industry in the past few years. Nowadays, they are even more consumers that buy products online and use "the web" to pay their bills or order some groceries on a mobile phone.

App usage became more widespread. Simultaneously, delivery applications offered loads of different perks such as same-day deliveries, tap-and-collect options, etc. They are indeed great tools for building your relationship with customers and building your brand.

Food deliveryThat's the main reason why so many businesses are interested in developing grocery delivery apps. They are constantly looking for options that will boost their sales and revenue. Needless to say that some digital experts also argue that on-demand food delivery app services also provide an overall smoother experience and are more convenient.

Especially now, during these pandemic times, a good delivery app can become a life-saver for shops and customers since they enable both sides to go online and limit contact to a minimum. Thanks to this, grocery apps hit an all-time high in terms of daily new downloads and usage.

Pros of a Food Delivery App

First of all, it's not the worldwide pandemic that gave birth to shopping through apps. It's been present before and will continue to be even after this is over. But what the pandemic managed is to make online shopping somewhat an absolute necessity. So, what are the benefits of using such an app during the outbreak?

  • Waste reduction - can help brands with better stock management and can help to streamline the supply chain.
  • More social distancing - ordering products online helps minimize human contact to the bare essential minimum
  • Small businesses boost - Small and mid-size grocers can do wonders with a good grocery delivery app. They get to keep loyal customers, apply all safety measures while running their businesses smoothly.

And the list is definitely not exhaustive.

So What Should a Good App Look Like?

If you're one of those people who are planning to develop or invest in developing a food/groceries delivery app to keep your business afloat, you need to incorporate a handful of essential features into your app to ensure that your users will find it helpful and easy to use daily. You'll have to ensure that the online shopping experience will be enjoyable, smooth and easy to follow. If we put aside the bare minimum that every app, in general, here are some crucial features of a great food app:

  • Easy registration and login - you need to create a stress-free registration process that's user-friendly. Enable your users to log in easily through their social media profiles to start using your app immediately and without any hassle whenever they decide to do their shopping.
  • Highlight the recommended products - highlighting certain products based on previous searches can help build familiarity and even trust with your app.
  • Wish lists - enable your customers to save items for future purchase occasions. If they loved what they got in the first time, they don't want to lose time shuffling, and they know exactly what to order.
  • Price comparison - Keep your customers' in-app with comparison features. This way, they will compare different brand prices within your app, increasing app usage time and purchase probability.
  • Order tracking - another great feature that customers would love.
  • Multilingual support - a great way to expand your user base. Depending on your location and your business's size, this can be a huge asset in reaching new customers and app expansion.
  • Payment options - by implementing various options, you can help grow your user base and help your shoppers place orders more conveniently.
  • Rate and review options - this is a great way to build trust with your customers and also for you to see where you can improve your app.

Wrap Up

No one knows for sure when things will come back to normal. Maybe an even harder question is, "what will be normal after all of this?" The duration of the pandemic certainly will leave a mark on a customer's behavior. In that tone, people may accept these conditions as "normal ones," thus forcing any business owner to shift to eCommerce. Time will tell.

One way or another, if you're unsure of how to prepare for the upcoming times, it's best to consult and hire a digital marketing agency. And particularly if you want to work locally, they will give you the right insight and craft the app that really meets your needs, has all the essential features, and focuses on local trends.